Marketing car magnet kits reviews

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The Best Magnetic Car Mount on The Market (WizGear)

Will be so handy when taking Communion to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Service was great. Thank you! Needed this magnet for hospital visits- Don't want anything permanent on my car- this is perfect- Big enough to see from afar and large enough so as not to lose in my glove box or map pocket in car.

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Looking For A Miracle: We Test Automotive 'Fuel Savers'

Genevieve St. George St. Gerard St.All Products. Erica Hayes on I needed some magnets for my company's cars. Nancy helped me to adapt my logo to get the best resolution.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about one of our products! Please focus on the product and print quality. All foul language will be flagged and removed. Get full time advertising effortlessly with your own, fully customized business car magnets printed with your company's logo, slogan and colors. With this easy-to-apply and repositionable marketing asset, you'll be able to turn every company car into a moving advertising piece.

Even when your car is parked at home, you'll still be providing brand awareness to the whole neighbourhood without moving an inch. With a history that dates back 4, years, magnets have become a reliable marketing asset for a variety of industries trying to engage with their target audience.

Take a road trip and expand your brand awareness to new audiences near your home town, or go for a short ride on weekends for pleasure and boost your marketing results after business hours. You can't go wrong with car magnet printing. With your new, fully customizable Business Car Magnets, you'll get a high-quality 30mil magnet featuring your one of a kind design.

Choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 9' x 9'' all the way up to 24''x 36''.

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Additionally, your magnet will be finished with a Hi Gloss UV Coating for a stunning look and optional rounded corners. For small to medium sized businesses looking for effective ways to advertise their goods and services, magnets that can easily be applied to car doors are the perfect tool to complement other marketing strategies. These magnets can be removed and repositioned effortlessly. With 18 sizes to choose from and featuring your one-of-a-kind design, custom printed magnets are easy to apply.

Simply follow these instructions:. Do you know how magnets were discovered? The story goes that a Greek shepherd from Crete called Magnes accidentally came across this material while herding his sheep in an area called Magnesia in ancient Greece. Legend has it that the nails in his shoes and the metal rod from his herding staff suddenly stuck onto a large, black rock. He dug into the earth to find the source of this apparent magic and found lodestones containing what we refer to today as Magnetite, a natural magnetic material.

It's still not clear if that name derives from the area where it was found, Magnesia, or Magnes himself. Either way, and just like Isaac Newton, scientific discoveries tend to be born out of sheer luck, don't they? Today, magnets are common everywhere in the world. Food deliveries, veterinarians, taxi services, plumbers and countless others count on magnets to communicate to potential customers and increase their brand recognition.

Where there's a metallic surface, there's a branding possibility. With 4OVER4. COM's user friendly instant price calculator, you'll be able to make your custom selections and upload your personal design, so that we can make it come to life. You can order a Free Online Proof to check for any errors to ensure a flawless end result.

Our wide selection of sizes will allow you to place them on any small or medium sized car, and even trucks!Quantity: min. Nothing smells better to your customers than the smell of a new car. But, you know how awesome it is when your customers remember your dealership or auto repair shop!

Give out these New Car Magnets. These promotional magnets are affordable for you to order once and keep them on hand for an "anytime giveaway" to help customers remember your name, phone number, or address.

They'll love not having to flip through the yellow pages to find your location or telephone number, and you'll love the increased traffic to your business!

These custom magnets are the answers to a lot of sleepless nights wondering how you'll 'drive in' more business. Customers love our Marketing New Car Magnet 0. This is the cost of preparing the equipment to print your logo. View more. Did You Know - We'll send you a complimentary proof with every order! Full Color Logo?

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Call to learn more about how we can make your logo stand out on this item. Quality Logo Products. Chat Online. Risk Free Guarantee Learn More. Item Price:. Estimated Delivery: loading Start Your Order. Item Q Item Size: 1. Maximum Logo Size 1.

marketing car magnet kits reviews

Logo Setup:. Where will my logo appear? Front What size will my logo be?Hey, we're not gullible. But we're not close-minded either. Could it be that the basement tinkerers behind most of these products have stumbled upon some heretofore undiscovered principle of physics or thermodynamics? Is it possible that the major auto companies have overlooked--or deliberately avoided--simple engine modifications that would give their cars and trucks an overwhelming advantage in the marketplace?

Instead of dismissing such far-fetched notions out of hand, we decided to give the gas-gadget makers a chance to prove their miraculous claims. We conducted our tests at the Universal Technical Institute, a large training facility for automotive technicians, in Houston. We chose four full-size pickup trucks from UTI's fleet as our test vehicles. Why pickups? Well, for one thing, the pickup truck tends to be the poster child for conspicuous consumption of Mideast oil.

Also, truck engine compartments are roomy enough that we could install the products without feeling like we were assembling a ship in a bottle. We strapped the trucks down to a pair of chassis dynamometers and ran them dry of gasoline. Then we added a measured quantity of gas, and ran four dyno pulls to determine horsepower and torque. Next, we accelerated to a corrected 70 mph, set the cruise control to keep the speeds consistent and ran the trucks dry again.

This gave us a base line of each truck's unmodified power and fuel consumption. We gassed up the trucks, installed our gas-savers and repeated the tests. We didn't check for emissions, figuring most people who buy these products are fighting a holding action on their wallets, not on the environment. Here are the gadgets and how they performed. There are dozens of fuel-line magnets on the market. We tested two. They all make similar claims: substantial improvements in fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased horsepower.

According to the people selling these devices, as gasoline flows past the magnet, the magnetic field will "break apart clusters of fuel molecules so gas burns more efficiently. But wait, there's more. If the fuel line is steel, as many are, the lines of magnetic flux will follow the fuel-line walls instead of passing through the fuel. These devices, which are usually installed on the upstream side of the mass airflow MAF sensor, use stationary vanes or, on some devices, spinning blades to make the inlet air between the air cleaner and intake manifold whirl around in a mini-tornado.

This vortex supposedly mixes fuel more thoroughly with air, which means the fuel will, theoretically, burn more completely in the combustion chamber. Trouble is, there's a lot of intake tract downstream from these devices designed to maximize a smooth airflow. Turbulence, coupled with the restricted airflow caused by the device, can only reduce the amount of air sucked into the manifold.

Less air means less power. Again, we tested two devices. The TornadoFuelSaver is a nicely made stainless steel contraption, available in an assortment of sizes to fit most vehicles.

We installed it on our truck's intake tract immediately upstream of the MAF sensor. We purchased the second device, the Intake Twister, on eBay. It was crudely handmade from sheet-aluminum flashing and pop rivets. It looked like something we could make in about 10 minutes from an old soda can. The staff at UTI was reluctant to install it: The bent sheetmetal vanes looked as if they might break off and be digested by the engine.

The device is one-size-fits-all, and is simply bent into a curl to insert it into the intake duct. The Intake Twister increased fuel consumption by about 20 percent; the TornadoFuelSaver provided no significant change.

marketing car magnet kits reviews

The Electronic Engine Ionizer Fuel Saver consists of a couple of pieces of wire molded to some rubber blocks, which the manufacturer refers to as "capacitor blocks. The rubber blocks clip onto the spark plug wires near the plugs, and are intended to carry the "corona charge" from one cylinder's plug wire to the electrodes of the other plugs.

This charge is supposed to "cause a partial breakdown in the larger hydrocarbon molecules in all the non-firing cylinders, resulting in increased combustion efficiency.Get a delivery estimate.

Watch our process. Learn more. Upload your logo, artwork or photo and we'll create a custom magnet that attracts the eye. Our unique process provides the best print quality and cut accuracy for your custom magnets. And, our proof approval process lets you work directly with us to ensure your magnets will look exactly how you want.

The color matches perfectly with the original file, and they arrived quick. Thank you StickerMule! These guys are awesome!!!

Custom magnets

Not only are the magnets super rad they shipped them right away. Thank you again Sticker mule!!! Ps this is a real review by a real customer. Stay rad!!! Magnets are what brought me to sticker mule and they continue to do a great job with them!! These are cute and came quickly. Customer service was great when I had a question. I would point out that these are very light and flimsy. Not sturdy magnets. The colors turned out perfect. See all reviews.

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From fridge to car, custom magnets make a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. Use custom magnets as a giveaway at an exhibition, a decoration on your refrigerator, or an advertisement on your car. Whether you use them for promotion or fun, custom magnets from Sticker Mule always turn out exactly the way you design them - and are always delivered with fast, free shipping. Delivery dates assume proof approval within 24 hours.

Delayed approvals will affect delivery. Are you still not sure or think we can do more to help with size selection? Contact us. Menu Custom sticker printing from Sticker Mule. Free shipping in 4 days Get your custom magnets fast with 4 day turnaround and free shipping. Get an online proof Review your proof shortly after checkout and request changes until you're happy. Multiple design discounts Order multiple items to receive a discount.Our Free design service will ensure your magnets present the professional and creative image you want to portray.

Simply detail your design ideas and requirements into the text below. Be as detailed as possible, colors, fonts, layout and relevant information make the process much faster. We will send you an online proof for review. Up to 5 designs changes are included in the free service. Remember to upload any related files such as a logo, photo, or backgound. Check out our art guidelines for our full artwork specifications.

Couldn't be simpler! We can accept your art in virtually any format.

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The following is a guideline for customers with prepared art -if you'd like to take advantage of our free art service simply provide design instructions during checkout and we'll create a design to your exact specifications. PS, PDF. EPS or any other editable format. JPEG's are acceptable but must be dpi and fit to our printing specifications.

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You'll receive a design proof for approval before your magnets go into production, and we'll be happy to work with you until you get exactly what you want. Home Large Truck Door Magnet 18x Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Large Truck Door Magnet 18x Be the first to review this product. Design Instructions. Upload File Compatible file extensions to upload: jpg, ai, eps, pdf, png. Add to Cart. X Let Us Design It Our Free design service will ensure your magnets present the professional and creative image you want to portray.

Add to Compare. Product Description. These quality 18x24 outdoor car magnets are a perfect size for most vehicles and an ideal way to advertise your business while your out on the road. Our UV resistant inks ensure the colors don't fade and stay bright for years. Simply send us your artwork, information or business logo If available and our in-house graphic artists will begin working on your custom design free of charge! Additional Information. Whatever format you send us, please follow these guidelines: -The preferred file type is.

Magnetic car signs are an effective marketing tool to personalize with your services and contact inform. Our magnetic car signs are weather-resistant, durable, flexible, and infinitely repositionable.Carol Giamario.

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My magnets turned out great and everyone in my club is clamoring to support the fundraiser and get a couple. Gretchen Doughty. Melissa Keller. I was a little nervous about ordering them online, worried that I might wind up with so-so product. Our magnets are great quality--they feel substantial and durable, look exactly like the digital proof, and were reasonably priced.

These are strong magnets and look great! Chrissy Murphy. The order process was a breeze and customer service was so helpful. I would recommend these magnets to everyone! Maryanne Bedford. Thank you!! Becky Capuzzi. Good clean print job. Solid customer service.

Large Truck Door Magnet 18x24

Tiffany Rogers. We give these magnets to students that pass our Therapy Dog Certification to put on their vehicles. Elizabeth Richards. Cynthia Burdine. Adding out design logo was quick and easy also.

marketing car magnet kits reviews

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